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Got a business opportunity that you want to promote? Then why not use solo ads to get the message out!

Solo ads are advertising messages that you can send out to a mailing list. This is an audience that has been built over time through a blog or website, and that has been cultivated in order to increase engagement, interest and open rates.

We’ve built the mailing list, we’ve won the trust of those subscribers, and now we’re willing to share your message with them and your business opportunity.


If you’re looking for a solo ads service, then look no further than Jordy Solo Ads. We provide some of the very best solo ads on the web, at the most reasonable prices. What sets us apart is the quality of our lists: these are engaged readers that signed up willingly because they wanted to hear more from our creators. That means that when they see a new message from us in their inboxes, they are going to open it!

So, here’s how it works: you send us the business opportunity solo ad you want to send – or you can ask us to write the message for you if you’re not sure how – and then we’ll deliver that to our large audience. They’ve been receiving nothing but interesting, valid, helpful, and value-driven messages from us and so they’re going to open and read that message when they receive it.

And that’s why business opportunity solo ads work so well: because that’s exactly what your ad is. This is another opportunity for them, another chance for them to earn money, to learn skills that will enhance their careers, or to further their own online businesses.

With business opportunity solo ads, you are sending messages to people who want to read those messages. So, it’s no surprise we see some of the biggest conversion rates in the business!



If you’re on a budget, Jordy’s buyer list solo ads are highly cost effective. They cost significantly less than other forms of advertising, so they can save you a real bundle and keep you on track with your budget as the cost is based on clicks. Best of all, we usually will over deliver the number of clicks without any additional charges at all.


You don’t have to build your own list or send out ads yourself. Since you are using Jordy Solo Ads, you don’t have to worry about building your own. Additionally, you don’t have to send out your ads yourself. Instead, we send them out for you. All you have to do is provide the email ad copy and offer page you want us to have it sent to, and we will send the email ads out to our buyers list.


Jordy Solos have long lists of subscribers and provide you fresh list of subscribers through constantly building our list. The subscribers are people who have chosen to sign up from our campaigns that pertain to promotions and offers in specific niche (and your niche, too!) By using our solo ads, you are taking advantage of the targeted audience from our buyers list.
our guarantee to our buyers list solo ads


We guarantee that you will receive the number of clicks that you had ordered. Besides that, we also guarantee that the clicks that you received are around 70% to 75% from Tier 1 Countries.

For example, when you order a click package of 200 clicks, we will launch a solo ad campaign that is enough to generate results for 200 clicks.


Here Some Proof of Our Solo Ads Tier & Over Delivery

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Well, don’t just listen to us. See what our past clients say about our Solo Ads Traffic
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Answers to Your Questions

What Is The Meaning Of Tier 1 Countries?

Tier 1 countries usually refers to the countries whereby their main language are English such as US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. When you buy our solo ads buyers lists, it consist of subscribers from these countries.

What We Don’t Guarantee?

We always do our best to fulfill our service quality in delivering the number of clicks which you have ordered. However, as there are many factors that result in poor opt-in rates such as product is irrelevant or unattractive, the landing page look like a scam or copy writing of the landing page is not right. Thus, we do not guarantee the opt-in rates.

How Can I Improve My Opt-in Rates?

In order to maximize your opt-in rates, we recommend that you offer visitors a relevant free gift such as a report or an e-book as a way to say thank you for their sign ups. For example, if your product is in the weight loss niche and would like to target the weight loss crowd, give them a free weight loss report or an e-book in exchange for their opt-in. After they had opt-in into your own list, you can always do a follow up with them again and sell them your product line or introduce your service. You will find getting a sale easily with a great products or services which will benefit them.

How Do We Buy?

We made it easy for our customers to get our solo ads in just 3 simple steps 1) Choose the Clicks Package And Add to Cart 2) Fill up the order details and select the solo ads niche you require at checkout. (Remember to enter Get3Off for a $3 discount) 3) Proceed to make payment through Paypal. Once we received your order, we will update you the date of delivery.

What Is The Lead Time And Delivery Time?

Once we received your order, we will need 3 days in advance to arrange the delivery of clicks to your offer. In the event that you require our copywriting service for your email swipe file (ads copy), the delivery arrangement will be around 5 to 7 working days. Once the delivery date is been scheduled, it will usually take 1 or 2 days starting from the delivery date to complete small clicks packages such as 100 clicks.


Jordy Tan Solo Ads Traffic provide high quality solo ads for business opportunity offers at affordable price. Remember to key in the code GET3OFF during checkout to enjoy $3 discount…


Do you have a question to ask before getting our solo ads? We welcome any sort of inquiries or feedback that you might have. Just fill up the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can also email us at

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